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The following books and resources have influenced Gini's philosophical and technical development in significant and small ways. These nonpartisan scholars, scientists, and thought-leaders have devoted their lives to rigorous empirical research and data-driven analysis. This has enabled them to verify thousands of important data points across many domains, which we take into account every day as we build Gini's technical systems and analyze all the global socioeconomic and geopolitical dynamics that are relevant to cryptocurrencies in today's complex, interconnected world.

As we explained on the Gini School of Economics Introduction, technical architectural design flows from philosophical beliefs. Each human's philosophical beliefs is based on their knowledge and awareness of how the universe works, but each human brain is born as a blank slate and must be filled with knowledge and life experience before it can do anything useful. This is why reading substantive books and opening our minds to a diverse selection of authors, ideas, perspectives and experiences is so important.

Rigid ideologies are like degenerative brain diseases: They retard mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and they trap the mind in a theoretical world that does not actually exist, which prevents many humans from seeing and solving problems in the real world. This is how the human mind becomes a mental prison. The only way to escape this prison is to open our minds to a diverse selection of authors, ideas and perspectives.

A human's ability to make a meaningful impact in this world flows from the accuracy of their knowledge and the depth and breadth of their awareness. Specifically, without a broad base of technical, socioeconomic, and geopolitical knowledge; significant knowledge of economic history; and significant knowledge of precisely how and why corporate and government corruption impacts economic and geopolitical systems in the real world, it's impossible for any technical team to build a well-designed cryptocurrency.

This is not an exhaustive book list. The list includes several classic Economics books that are not saturated with unrealistic economic theories, parochial assumptions, and rabid ideology. This list is primarily intended to help people learn how the perpetual and inevitable collusion between gigantic and self-serving corporations, governments, and banks makes a mockery of both Hayek and Keynes, which is why no cryptocurrency based purely on Keynesian or Austrian School theories will ever succeed in the real world. That's why Gini has developed our own unique economic philosophy, which is much more practical, relevant, responsive, adaptive, and empowering for humanity in the real world of the 21st Century. The Gini economic philosophy is based on data-driven, humanitarian principles, real-world outcomes, and many insights from nonpartisan and non-ideological economists like Adam Smith, Henry George, John Locke, and many others in this list.

No single human or organization could possibly compile all this data alone; so, we deeply appreciate all these authors and we encourage you to read all their books and articles.

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

The Great Crash 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith


The Federalist Papers by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton & John Jay

Winner-Take-All Politics by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson

Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean

Skin in the Game by Nassim Taleb

Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent by Harvey Silvergate and Alan Dershowitz

Republic, Lost by Lawrence Lessig

Dark Money by Jane Mayer

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder, Ralph Cosham, et al.

The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair


How Think Tanks Amplify Corporate America’s Influence by Eric Lipton and Brooke Williams[1]


The Hidden Costs of Tax Compliance by the Mercatus Center[2]

On Liberty by John Stuart Mill


Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings by Michael Snyder[3]


Why does financial sector growth crowd out real economic growth? By the Bank for International Settlements[4]


Shadow Stats: Public Commentary On Unemployment Measurement by John Williams[5]

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