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For assistance with nitrile gloves, please visit our Gini Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves page. For other medical supplies, visit Gini's Safe Medical Supply Procurement Protocol page. For general inquiries about other Gini projects, you may use the contact form below. For organizations that are already receiving Gini medical supplies, please contact your existing Gini Medical Supply Consultant.

If you want to be alerted when we reach important milestones, please follow Gini on Twitter and/or join the Gini Newsletter. If you have already read the participate page and you have more ideas about how to contribute to the Gini ecosystem, feel free to share them with us by using the form below.

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Note: This website is provided to help current and future Gini stakeholders learn more about Gini's nonprofit projects. However, the Gini cryptocurrency and associated activities are not available to the general public yet.