There are several ways to participate in the Gini ecosystem, depending on whether you have time or money or both. Here are a few ways.

Purchasing Gini Cryptocurrency

If you have more money than time and you are an "accredited investor" (as defined by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission), then consider contacting us to determine if you are eligible to purchase Gini cryptocurrency before it is available to the general public. (See important note.)

Community Rewards Program

Our intention is to allow as many humans as possible to participate in the Gini ecosystem. However, we understand that some people have more time than money. For these people, we provide several ways to earn Gini. Using any combination of the following methods, you can earn up to 100 Gini per month.

Gini Community Contribution Gini Coins Earned
Join the Gini mailing list. 5
Post a Twitter tweet about Gini and include a link to the Gini Foundation website. 5
Post to your Facebook with a link to the Gini website. 5
Add a permanent link from your own website to the Gini website. (Make sure it's a "do-follow" link.) 10
Create a YouTube video that communicates something positive about Gini and include a link to the Gini website. 20
Write a blog post of at least 3 paragraphs that positively communicates the value of Gini to your readers and include a link to the Gini website. (Make sure it's a "do-follow" link.) 20
Host a Gini Meetup in your community. 50
Have another creative way to contribute? Let us know! ???

Gini Store: Shop with Purpose

The store will launch soon!

Gini School

The Gini School is comprised of two departments:

  • Gini School of Economics: This is a structured curriculum that the Gini Foundation is creating to provide timely and relevant education about how economics, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence are impacting humanity in the real world. This is intended to provide a healthy balance to the fantasy world of distorted economic reports and partisan propaganda that we often see in the mainstream news media. The Gini School of Economics is free and open to students of all ages, but the curriculum is relatively deep; so, it's more appropriate for adults.
  • Gini Kids: This is a program that we are developing for pre-teens and teens, which focuses on the same topics as the Gini School of Economics (economics, cryptocurrencies, and A.I.), but the content is more general, entertaining, and designed to be kid-friendly.

If you are a professor or teacher with a background in Classical Economics, Georgian Economics, Developmental Economics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or some other complementary field and you want to contribute to the development of the Gini School, please let us know.

Bug Bounty Program

After we officially launch the Gini TestNet, we will launch the Gini Bug Bounty Program. This will enable whitehat hackers (the good guys!) to earn Gini by helping us to make Gini's systems as secure as humanly possible.

If you're a hacker, please consider this: Gini is not just a cryptocurrency. We are working to build an alternative path for humanity to protect their human rights and maximize the broad wealth-generating potential of real-world commerce. Our team is not hiding behind anonymous nicknames like many other crypto teams; thus, we are taking significant personal risks and putting our reputations on the line to accomplish this. We are not perfect. Like all software systems, we expect there to be some bugs in our systems from time to time, but we hope the technical community can see that we are sincere in everything we do.

If you find a bug in our systems, please consider bringing it to our attention discretely through our official Bug Bounty Program to minimize the impact on Gini’s public relations. You will be generously rewarded and you will reduce the stress on our team so we can stay focused on the mission described in our Gini documentary film and book, GINI: Capitalism, Cryptocurrencies & the Battle for Human Rights, which we believe is a truly noble mission.

Gini Membership Program

All the important things that the Gini Foundation is doing consumes a lot of our team's time and resources. We're happy to offset most of the costs by donating our own time and resources, but if you believe in the Gini mission to help build a more sustainable and humane global economy, please consider becoming a member of the Gini Foundation. We are not accepting members yet until all of our systems and tools are ready to release to the general public, but when the Gini Membership Program is available, there will be many concrete benefits to being a member.

Don't worry, the annual membership dues will be very low. In fact, we will only ask for the minimum amount required to satisfy the U.S. Government's association membership rules, which can be as low as $5 per year. (Maybe even less—we're still investigating various options.) We will share more details when we are ready to activate the program. In the meantime, you can follow Gini on Twitter and/or join the Gini Newsletter to be alerted when we announce important news and events.