Gini Store: Shop with Purpose

The primary purpose of the Gini Store is to bootstrap the real-world commerce functions within the Gini ecosystem until thousands of our existing and future AngelPay merchants have joined the ecosystem. All merchants and manufacturers are welcome to offer their goods and services in the Gini Store, but we're starting with the merchants that we already serve on the nonprofit AngelPay platform because they already know our team.

History of Ecommerce Innovation. The Gini team launched the global ecommerce sector in 1996 when we invented and founded Authorize.Net. (See our team history for more details on this.) So, naturally the Gini Store is a logical step toward our mission to make the Gini cryptocurrency the first cryptocurrency that is truly viable for real-world commerce. The Gini Store will include products and services from many other manufacturers and merchants who appreciate the Gini mission to create a more stable, equitable and sustainable economic system. And of course, the Gini Store will be operated as a nonprofit service like everything else we do at Gini.

It's Easy to Shop with Purpose. The Gini Store works like many other user-friendly online stores, but the Gini Store has several unique features. For example, all purchases come with cash-back in Gini cryptocurrency, which will then be usable to purchase more goods and services in the future. Shoppers will be able to use a Gini cryptocurrency-backed credit card to pay for all their goods and services without having to preload their cards. This is possible because our unique technical infrastructure and deep knowledge of the global banking and payment processing industries enables us to do this in a way that no other cryptocurrency team has ever done before.

Alignment of Interests. Other monopolistic, for-profit shopping platforms produce obscene concentrations of wealth for a tiny number of humans. Then they use that wealth to buy media companies and lobbyists to distort the political system. That enables them to manipulate the laws to keep the wealth flowing into their own pockets. Then they pretend this is the "free market" in action. Gini is different: You won't see any Gini team members becoming billionaires from growing the nonprofit Gini Store into a viable alternative to those other for-profit ecosystem cannibals.

Fuel to Grow the Ecosystem. All sales proceeds from the Gini Store are recycled back into the ecosystem. Specifically, Gini Store proceeds are used in the following ways:

  • Continuously support innovative open source projects within the Gini and Haskell ecosystems.
  • Help other merchants and credit unions integrate their systems with the Gini cryptocurrency.
  • Ensure the Gini Value Streams System is always properly funded to support the ecosystem.
  • Ensure that Gini's R&D continuously produces the most secure and efficient updates for all Gini technical systems.
  • Pay for Gini's periodic source code and financial statement auditing expenses.
  • Pay for reasonable public relations and community outreach expenses to share Gini with more humans.
  • Pay for the ongoing legal expenses associated with Gini's continuous defense of human rights and our fight against tyrannical laws and governments that try to prevent their citizens from participating in the Gini ecosystem.
  • Continuously improve the Gini Store customer experience so that Gini stakeholders have meaningful incentives to Shop with Purpose.
  • Pay the reasonable, market-rate salaries of all Gini staff and independent contractors.
  • Among many other important activities that will make the Gini ecosystem more useful for all stakeholders and merchants.

Store launch coming soon. . . .

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