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GiniHealth: Secure & Decentralized Healthcare

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Every human’s quality of life is directly dependent on their access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, Gini’s Global Governance Scorecard ranked the U.S. healthcare system near the bottom of all OECD countries. The devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on the U.S. economy and healthcare system has confirmed our conclusions in that report. More than ever before, there is an urgent need for a more scalable, private, decentralized tele-healthcare delivery system that is more resilient and resistant to bureaucratic gridlock and grossly over-priced, brittle supply chain monopolies.

Security Risks of Centralized Healthcare. Many people don't want their private health records stored in giant databases, which are vulnerable to hackers, network security vulnerabilities and other risks. Despite USD billions spent on expensive security products and systems, over 10 billion private records have been stolen from some of the largest organizations on Earth. Thus, we all have rational reasons to make the healthcare system as decentralized as possible.

Financial Risks of Centralized Healthcare. At Gini we are strong supporters of small- to medium-sized businesses that focus on serving the needs of their local communities. For the same reasons, we are strong supporters of small- to medium-sized hospitals and healthcare facilities. The tendency of for-profit organizations to abuse their customers and patients after they reach a certain scale is indisputable. When monopolistic, for-profit companies gain overwhelming market power, they inevitably seek to raise prices to squeeze more profits from their customers and patients. The only way to prevent this harm is to create structural incentives and mechanisms to deliver high-quality services through a diverse ecosystem of market participants.

GiniHealth: The Future of Tele-Healthcare. For the reasons above, Gini has been developing a decentralized tele-healthcare technology based on our decentralized and highly secure GiniConnect system. We call this technology the "GiniHealth System". GiniHealth is far more secure, scalable and private than any tele-healthcare or tele-medicine system today.

We will make more announcements about GiniHealth as we get closer to releasing the system to the general public.

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