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3 Tech Revolutions Powering the Gini Platform

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Many people already know how revolutionary a well-designed cryptocurrency can be, but there are actually three technological revolutions at the heart of the Gini Platform today. Let’s summarize them here:

Cryptocurrency (Blockchain) Revolution

For context, let’s recall the key benefits of a well-designed cryptocurrency: cryptographically secure money transfers to eliminate transaction fraud; decentralized financial ledgers to reduce the power and corruption of the banking cartel; instantaneous value transfers to eliminate wealth-sucking middlemen. . . . And of course Gini’s unique BlockGrid is designed to provide a more stable, sustainable and equitable monetary system for real-world commerce. With these features, many people already know that Gini is an important part of the cryptocurrency revolution. But there’s much more to the Gini technical platform than that. . . .

WebRTC: Media & Communications Revolution

Giant, centralized corporate cannibals with many conflicts of interest dictate how media is delivered and consumed today, but their power to control the architecture of the Internet is waning as another revolution is unfolding: Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC). WebRTC is a set of open source data transmission protocols that have enabled Gini to build truly decentralized and encrypted communication tools that are inherently more scalable and secure than Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal or any other centralized communication platform today.

No more giant corporations controlling your communications and content. With GiniConnect, nobody (not even the Gini Foundation) is in the middle of your communications—all data and communications are decentralized and peer-to-peer.1 We have started with encrypted, decentralized instant messaging, but soon we will add HD audio/video conferencing to liberate Gini stakeholders from Skype, WhatsApp and other privacy-killing NSA honeypots.

IPFS: Data Storage & Retrieval Revolution

This is arguably the most disruptive technological revolution of all because it’s fundamentally changing the way data and content are stored, accessed and controlled everywhere on Earth: the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a decentralized planetary database that stores a virtually unlimited amount of data. It decentralizes and distributes data automatically like BitTorrent, but it is content-addressable and accessible over HTTP (among other transport protocols), which is the protocol that powers the World Wide Web. That means we can build websites and network services on top of IPFS that are completely impervious to government censorship, DoS attacks, traffic overloads, etc.

There is virtually zero direct cost to host data and services on IPFS because the capacity is practically unlimited and IPFS automatically allocates storage capacity based on intelligent, decentralized algorithms and freely available open source software. By adding encryption and privacy features on top of IPFS, we have cost-effectively built several components of the Gini Platform, which would cost millions more dollars to build and operate without IPFS.

Paying it Forward

Like all technological revolutions, the Gini Platform is built upon contributions from previous generations of innovators who questioned the obsolete and/or self-destructive status quo in their industries and societies. Today, Gini is building the foundation upon which other important technological, socioeconomic and philosophical contributions to humanity will be built in the future.

As always, we’re grateful that you are on this journey with us. If you know anybody who might be interested in any of these topics, please forward this article to them.


1. Of course, you still need an ISP for your Internet service for now, but there are ways to decentralize that, too.

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