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Finding Purpose in Gini

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I was heavily invested and involved in another major cryptocurrency project before I realized how unsustainable their monetary policy is. One of the members of that community said to me:

I am not 100% sure what the ultimate “function” of [our] community is. . .

After learning many important lessons from that project, if somebody asked me the same question today about Gini, this is what I would say. . . .

The Socio-Biological Purpose of Our Community. Nothing significant in this world can be accomplished without a community of like-minded humans working together at various levels. “Working together” requires an emotional connection based on some set of shared experiences, shared values, and shared beliefs about how the world works. The emotional connection is the invisible glue that keeps humans together when they’re working toward hard goals, which no single human could accomplish alone. So, that’s the socio-biological purpose of our community.

The Functional Purpose of Our Community. Building world-changing systems is hard. The core Gini team can’t do any of this without a fanatical community of like-minded people preaching the Gini gospel from every valley and mountain. Gini is competing against politically powerful organizations with deep pockets, including governments and Fortune 500 behemoths. No cryptocurrency project can succeed if their community doesn't work together to offset the hype and propaganda coming from banks, governments, and other oligarchic cryptocurrency projects. So, the Gini community must fight alongside the core team with every ounce of available time, energy and resources if we want to achieve our collective goals.

When Time is Scarce, We Can Still Allocate Some Mental Space-Time-Energy to Preparation. Some people say they don't have time and/or they're introverts and don't enjoy being part of any community. I’m an introvert and socializing often drains me, but when it comes to things and people that are important to me, I still try to allocate some mental space-time-energy to thinking about how to contribute something meaningful/productive to them in some incremental way. Sometimes time is so scarce that we can’t even act on our thoughts, but the process of thinking about the things/people that are important to us prepares us to contribute in meaningful ways later when more time is available.

The Path to Enlightenment and Joy is Paved with Disillusionment and Despair. Some people are jaded and disillusioned by the toxic and corrupt political and banking systems today; so, they don't feel connected to anything. I understand and appreciate this feeling at the deepest possible level. I served in the U.S. Air Force and worked inside the USG (specifically, in the intelligence community) during the first half of my career. They brainwash everybody into believing the U.S. is the greatest country in the galaxy. Then, as I observed how the USG systematically sabotaged, manipulated, and destroyed entire countries and its own citizens, I became deeply disillusioned and depressed. I wrote several books and immersed myself into building several companies, but those were just distractions from the deep sadness that I’ve had since my eyes were opened to the truth.

Gini = Realistic Hope and Hope = Inspiration & Joy. Now, for the first time in my life, I see a realistic path forward for humanity to restore trust in capitalism and democracy. It won’t be easy. Many special interest groups will fight us at every step of the way. But that’s OK because we only have one life to live and we may as well do something interesting and meaningful with our lives while we’re here.

A Life with Purpose Creates Endless Inspiration & Motivation. Having a sense of purpose in our lives is one of the greatest gifts that we can ever receive. I’ve had a sense of purpose for many years now, but Gini super-charges my feeling of purpose by giving us the opportunity to create the tools that are essential to make a truly global impact, which was not possible up to this point in human history. I can’t imagine a more exciting and meaningful purpose for our lives than to build more equitable, trustworthy, and sustainable economic and political systems for our future and our posterity.

Vision without Community is Delusion, but Vision with Community Fuels Life-Changing Revolutions. The vision for what we can accomplish with Gini is crystal clear to me, but the drudgery of everyday life can sometimes cloud our vision. This is precisely what community is for: When we perceive the world in isolation, it’s easy to forget why we are here, what we can do to contribute, how to overcome life’s challenges, etc. But when we open ourselves up to a community of like-minded humans, we reinforce our purpose, our vision, and we become more than the sum of our parts. This process is what empowers small groups to make a big impact in the world.

Shared Vision Is Our Bridge from Dream to Reality. When we think deeply about what Gini realistically represents for humanity, the vision of how we can harness it as a community should emerge spontaneously, like a spark in the darkness. Once you see that vision, it is breathtaking; and you can’t stop thinking and talking about the vision and what you’re doing to contribute to the fulfillment of that vision.

Finding Purpose is a Gift. Some people have already found their purpose in life, but I suspect most humans on Earth are not so lucky. Finding our purpose is a tremendous gift, which I don't take for granted. Now I've shared why the Gini community exists and why our team is so inspired to be a meaningful part of it. I hope you will join us.

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