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Should Gini Accept Corporate Partnerships?

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We have noticed several major cryptocurrency projects that have partnered with gigantic corporations to promote their projects and engage in joint development of mutually profitable projects. If Gini was a for-profit organization, we would have no problem with this, but people who have read the Gini School of Economics Introduction know that the Gini Foundation is philosophically opposed to the way the U.S. and other countries have essentially become corporatacracies.

As a result, when other cryptocurrency projects claim to be nonprofit organizations on the verge of liberating humanity from the tyranny of big banks and corporations, those claims are hard to believe when they're aligning their financial and technical development interests with those same corporations. We understand it's hard to resist the temptation of working with a Fortune 500 (or Global 1,000) company, but the executives in those companies are not stupid; they will work with you only if they believe you can be a tool that preserves and expands their global dominance.

Thus, it seems that a cryptocurrency team that partners with a gigantic bank or corporation is a kind of litmus test that reveals the credibility of the team's humanitarian claims. In other words, follow the money because their self-serving actions probably speak louder than their seemingly selfless words. Any cryptocurrency team that starts taking money from gigantic corporations will inevitably start thinking and acting in the best interests of those corporations, not the interests of the general public.

So, will the Gini Foundation partner with corporations? Gini will consider partnerships with organizations as long as they do not have a history of monopolistic, partisan, or cannibalistic behavior and as long as they don't try to pressure us into abandoning our core humanitarian mission. Given that the entire purpose of Gini and the entire architecture of Gini's BlockGrid and monetary policies are designed to protect human rights against tyrannical governments and corporations, we don't expect many partnership offers from gigantic corporations anyway, which is fine with us.

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