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Is There a Difference Between Business Freedom & Economic Freedom?

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Economic Freedom Is Not Equal to Business Freedom. Confusing business freedom with economic freedom inevitably destroys the economic and political freedom of the general population while it protects the business freedom of a small number of oligarchs. This is what happened in Italy during Mussolini's dictatorship (1925–1943), which Hitler then emulated in Nazi Germany (1933–1945). See the following extremely well-documented books (among others) in the Gini Book List, which substantiate this truth.

  • Business as a System of Power
  • Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler
  • Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

Proto-Corporatism. Before the economic system called “corporatism” fully emerges in a country, the largest shareholders and executives in the largest corporations use their wealth and power generated from their business freedom to skew the distribution of wealth throughout the entire society back to themselves. This gives them economic power to purchase biased politicians, laws, and regulations that enable them to perpetuate their business and economic wealth and political power over generations.

Corporatism is the Economic Engine of Fascism. Contrary to Ayn Rand’s fictional books that have no basis in economic reality, giving whales (transnational cannibals and crypto whales) the freedom to trample all over an economy is not “economic freedom.” In fact, this is technically corporatism—the economic engine of fascism—which protects the business freedom of a relatively tiny number of capital-owning oligarchs while destroying the economic and political freedom of the general population.

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