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Gini BlockGrid API

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Why Build an API? Many Gini stakeholders want to build their own applications on top of the Gini Platform. These applications may include financial services, messaging systems that integrate Gini payment features, eCommerce portals that accept Gini currency as a form of payment, Web browser plugins that accept Gini for various browser-based services, embedded IoT devices that automate various payment activities, hardware wallets for offline currency storage, advertising tools that invite users to participate in various campaigns in exchange for Gini, among many other applications.

For all these applications to work on the Gini BlockGrid, we have built an application programming interface (API) that enables software developers, hardware manufacturers, and systems integrators to connect their application logic to the decentralized Gini BlockGrid.

The Gini API is Fast and Efficient. Implemented with high-performance Protocol Buffers, the Gini API is a language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data to/from the Gini BlockGrid and associated Gini services. Compared to other API formats based on XML, JSON and other protocols, Gini's API payloads are 3-10 times smaller, 20-100 times faster, more clearly defined (and thus, less prone to errors and bugs), and generate data access classes that make it much easier to build automated systems that interact with the Gini BlockGrid and associated systems.

As a convenience, we provide fully functional interface code in dozens of programming languages. This accelerates the development of third-party solutions that can benefit from the unique Gini Platform and corresponding ecosystem. To begin using the API, jump up to The Code.

The Code

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