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Can the Gini Foundation See My Private Account Data

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No. The Gini Foundation does not have access to any stakeholder account data and no stakeholder data or private keys are ever hosted on any centralized servers. All account data is fully encrypted and decentralized on the Gini BlockGrid and all private keys are stored only on the user's own computer.

Gini’s Commitment to Transaction Privacy. If you have watched the Gini documentary film on our website and read the Gini book, it should be clear by now that transaction privacy is a human right. In addition to several other human rights issues discussed on the Auditing Gini Transactions page, without transaction privacy, the human mind feels trapped and ordinary events become uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing experiences that undermine the natural interaction with people and our environment. There is no reasonable justification to give up your liberty and privacy to trillions of tiny cryptocurrency unit spies, infiltrating your crypto wallet and your life 24/7/365.

In summary, Gini enables you to engage in legal commerce with whomever you wish without fear of others judging you or tracking your every move. In accordance with Gini's core commitment to transaction privacy, the Gini Foundation never has access to any account data or private keys unless the stakeholder manually gives us their data during a tech support session.

See also Auditing Gini Transactions and other Gini privacy related articles for a more detailed exploration of Gini's privacy features and principles.

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