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Can the Gini Foundation See Account Transactions?

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No, not even the Gini Foundation can see any account’s transactions unless the account owner gives us two keys: (1) the precise transaction ID (PTI) of each transaction that they want us to see and (2) a one-time, time-limited cryptographic secret Gini Audit Key, which they generate from within their Gini Account Center GUI.

Thus, we have zero visibility into any stakeholder's account transactions without those two keys. Additionally, there is zero traceability between transactions and accounts/wallets. This is important because we cannot provide any details to any bad actors (tyrannical governments, extortionists, etc.) because we don’t know anything about any Gini accounts because we respect the privacy of all Gini stakeholders.

See also Auditing Gini Transactions and Can the Gini Foundation See My Private Account Data? and other Gini privacy related articles to learn more about Gini Audit Keys, transaction auditing, and other privacy features and principles.

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