Supplier Evaluation

Gini Foundation receives PPE supply offers from many factories, brokers, real and fake distributors, and various middlemen every week, but most of them waste our time and resources with inaccurate, irrelevant and/or fraudulent "opportunities". Thus, we must be strict about how we evaluate new suppliers and we can't respond to every call and email.

No Middlemen or Trading Companies. Gini Foundation does not buy products from middlemen trading companies or distributors for many reasons. If you are presenting supply from a middleman trading company or distributor, please don't waste your time because we are not interested.

Accuracy & Transparency

If you are presenting supply directly from a factory, please understand this: We are already familiar with all major PPE factories, but if you have a real factory allocation based on a real factory relationship, we might still be interested in working with you.

However, you must provide accurate details and be transparent about which factory you are presenting so that we can quickly determine if we already have a relationship with the factory and if the factory meets Gini's strict performance and quality control requirements. People with real, direct factory relationships are never afraid to disclose the name of the factory. So if you're not willing to identify the factory that you expect Gini to send USD millions for production contracts, then there's no reason to waste your time because we are not interested.

If you agree to these guidelines, then we will be happy to consider your ideas after you submit the form below.