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Web-Based Gini Account Center

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Many people these days are comfortable accessing their banking services, investment and portfolio management services, securities and fiat currency exchange services, and other personal services through their Web browser. So, they would appreciate the option of accessing their Gini cryptocurrency through their Web browser, too. As a result, we are working on a Web-based application that will give Gini stakeholders access to their Gini account through their Web browser.

However, it’s important to understand that the Gini Foundation does not host any stakeholder’s personal account balance information nor do we store any stakeholder’s private cryptographic keys in any Gini Foundation databases. To the contrary, the Web-based Gini Account Center is being designed to store each stakeholder’s private keys on their own computer and all their Gini account data will reside only on their own computer. The browser is just a convenient interface to the underlying decentralized Gini BlockGrid; it is not accessing any centralized server whatsoever.

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