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Gini is an open source project, which is why we have released a significant amount of source code into the public domain. Additional code releases are coming as we reach various milestones.

Unlike Most Other Projects, Gini is Not Vaporware. It's important to understand that most cryptocurrency projects have raised funds before they actually build any functional software, which creates a lot more risk for stakeholders. In contrast, the Gini team has already self-funded the core technical development of the Gini Platform. We did this so that stakeholders don't need to wonder if Gini is just vaporware when considering whether to participate in the Gini ecosystem.

Efficient Resource Management. As a nonprofit entity, the Gini Foundation must manage its finite resources as efficiently as possible, especially until we have raised more funding. Releasing source code to thousands (potentially millions) of technical developers is a huge project in itself. We're simply not yet ready to deal with all the communications that inevitably occur after the release of a large repository of source code to the world.

Overcoming the Chicken-and-Egg Problem. We understand that some people want to see more code immediately, but this is a chicken-and-egg scenario: Lots of technical people want to experiment, ask questions, modify the code, etc. . . , but if we can't respond to all their questions, contributions, pull requests, etc., then they'll accuse us of ignoring them and providing bad developer support. We're thoughtfully and transparently navigating this chicken-and-egg scenario by gradually releasing the code in phases based on fundraising milestones combined with clear public communications and expectations along the way.

For the reasons above, we have separated the Gini Platform rollout into two phases: The Gini Public Preview (GPP) and the Gini Launch Event (GLE).

Phase 1: Gini Public Preview. The GPP will include public communications and announcements about Gini's goals, some press releases, some social media outreach, etc. to invite an initial wave of people to get involved in various ways. During this phase, people will be able to download the Gini software and start testing it.

Phase 2: Gini Launch Event. After we've addressed the initial wave of user feedback from phase one, we will launch phase two. The GLE is when we will release the remaining source code to the technical developer community. At that point, we will have the resources to properly support the technical developer community so that we are not unfairly accused of providing bad developer support.

Achieving Balance. In a perfect world, we would not have any resource constraints. However, we live in the real world. So, the transparent and thoughtful approach we've described above gives the vast majority of stakeholders clarity on the technical depth of the Gini Platform and the technical credibility of our team; simultaneously, this approach ensures that the team does not get overwhelmed before we have more resources to support the technical developer community.

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