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Why Do Some Products Have Funny Descriptions?

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This generally only applies to the Gini Zone category of products. The Gini Zone is where the Gini Store staff has a little bit of fun. The product descriptions in the Gini Zone are intended to be fun and interesting compared to what you might find at other stores. We also encourage customers to contribute creative product reviews to inform and entertain other customers with their product experiences.

Gini’s lighted-hearted approach to building the Gini Store catalog is a reflection of how the Gini Foundation approaches everything we do: Make a difference and enjoy the journey. Of course, the Gini Mission is a very serious mission, but if you can’t occasionally laugh and enjoy the journey, life becomes a joyless, meaningless and self-destructive waste of your precious existence.

Now, please find something to buy in the Gini Store to keep the Gini Mission alive! ūüôā

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