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Life in a Chinese Bitcoin Mine: A Life Devoid of Purpose

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I usually try to focus on the good in people and processes, but when I watched this video, it was impossible not to think, “What a grotesque waste of human, economic, and natural resources!"

Obviously, these Bitcoin mines create “jobs” and help to feed a tiny number of families, but a society/economy that creates factories that merely produce “money” (fiat or crypto) is fundamentally destructive to the human spirit and to the broader society. I’m thankful that Gini is based on a proof-of-commitment algo and not an obscenely wasteful proof-of-work algo. If that was not the case, it would be impossible to justify Gini's existence philosophically or economically.

Entrenched Financial Interests Are Always the Enemy of Progress. The Bitcoin mining "farm" below is just one warehouse among dozens that are owned by a single Bitcoin mining group. They’ve invested so much time and money into exploiting the Bitcoin network that they will never allow any other cryptocurrency to rise with grace. They will never give substantive positive support to any other cryptocurrency, just like Walmart will never give Amazon (and vice-versa) any positive credit for anything. They will try in every way possible to tear down other cryptocurrencies to preserve their Bitcoin oligarchies. In the video above they smile with gentle expressions, but when humans feel their livelihoods are threatened, they usually mutate into vicious animals.

As much as I want our world to be a peaceful and equitable place, I’ve seen so much of the dark side of humanity that I know the cryptocurrency industry has a tough road ahead. The primary reason is attributed to the political dynamics that are spawned by these entrenched financial interests, which create constant tension and division between these undemocratic crypto oligarchies. But the challenge can be energizing if we always remember that Gini is on the right side of history. And no other crypto community has such a deep and authentic interest in using their collective superpowers to make this world a better, more sustainable and equitable place. I’m thankful for that, too.

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