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Intro to The Blockchain Cryptonian

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How are blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies impacting the socioeconomic and geopolitical landscape of our planet? Our Blockchain Cryptonian articles are intended to help answer big questions like these.

The Blockchain Cryptonian was originally created when we were managing the Echo Blockchain Technology Group, which was a blockchain/cryptocurrency advisory service for our AngelPay Foundation merchant members. Gini inherited the Blockchain Cryptonian after we consolidated all our blockchain/cryptocurrency content and activities into the nonprofit Gini Foundation.

Over the years as we have worked within the financial services and cryptocurrency industries, we have developed many valuable insights, which ultimately became the source material for these articles. Then these articles and many of the nonpartisan economic and geopolitical articles at (in addition to a lot of other original research and writing) became the source material for the Gini book.

We believe these articles are useful, but we hope you will also take the time to read the Gini book because that provides much more context and data to substantiate the critical need for Gini in today's increasingly complex world.

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