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What is Homomorphic Encryption?

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Homomorphic Encryption. Homomorphic Encryption is the most significant innovation in the field of cryptography in many years. Homomorphically encrypted programs never need to decrypt their inputs; so they can be safely executed by an untrusted party without ever revealing their inputs and internal state to that party. This has many applications and profound, positive implications for securely outsourcing private computations, cloud-based systems and distributed, decentralized networks.

Fully homomorphic encryption enables Gini Guardian nodes to perform computations on encrypted data without ever needing to decrypt the data. We use homomorphic encryption to dramatically reduce the algorithmic complexity of Gini’s privacy features, which dramatically increases speed and throughput compared to cryptocurrencies based on the CryptoNote and ZK-Snarks privacy protocols. This is how we preserve the privacy of the data objects that are processed by Gini’s Guardian nodes while ensuring that the performance of the Gini Trust Protocol is still very fast

You can learn much more about homomorphic encryption here.

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