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Global Governance Scorecard

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(This is an excerpt from the original scorecard. The full scorecard is at the link below.)

Have You Ever Wondered Why it Seems Like Our World is Falling Apart? Or, how does your country compare to other countries for the most important factors like: real-world wealth trends, healthcare and education systems, quality of life, levels of corruption, effectiveness of economic and political systems? Over the years for my books and professional activities, I’ve studied these trends to make nonpartisan business, economic, and geopolitical predictions about how economic and political systems will behave. This has enabled me to accurately predict a wide range of major events like Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidential election, the destruction of the American middle class, the human impact of artificial intelligence, the rise of real-world killing drones, and numerous social and economic trends, many of which are summarized in the book, Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It.

New Tools & Techniques to Increase Your Predictive Power. In this 2018 Global Governance Scorecard, I present new, intuitive, and nonpartisan tools, metrics, and empirical data in the form of a user-friendly Global Governance Scorecard (GGS). This will make it easy for non-technical readers to compare the quality, integrity, and performance of national governments around the world. This is important because many government performance evaluation tools and techniques today are difficult to understand for people without a solid background in Mathematics and Statistics. This prevents large populations from effectively analyzing and comparing their governments’ economic and political performance, which prevents the mass awakening that is necessary for humanity to peacefully survive the ongoing collapse of capitalism and the human labor force.

Power to Maximize the Quality of Our Lives. In this Scorecard, you will find intuitive charts and clear, succinct explanations that make it easy to compare the performance of dozens of national governments within seconds. With this knowledge comes power: Power to cut through the partisan fog of fear-mongering and propaganda to see the truth about Earth’s economic and political systems; power to avoid unnecessary mistakes and make effective decisions in our daily lives; and power to maximize our personal freedom, quality of life, and protect ourselves and our families from people and organizations who may not have our best interests at heart.

Here's the full Global Governance Scorecard in PDF format.

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