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Gini Accounts vs. Bitcoin UTXO

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The Gini Ecosystem is Based on Accounts. Unlike the UTXO-based accounting system used in Bitcoin and the anarchy caused by an infinite number of ephemeral wallet ghosts in virtually all other cryptocurrencies, Gini stakeholders have more substantive “accounts”, which are fully anonymous and private by default. Each account can produce an unlimited number of anonymous transaction addresses, but all addresses are anonymously associated to one account.

This approach provides significant benefits. For example, it enables the Gini Trust Protocol to automatically protect the integrity of the entire Gini money supply because the account-based structure allows the protocol to measure the money supply in real-time. This means the protocol can easily detect when a hacker or node malfunction tries to create new Gini currency out of thin air.

The Gini approach also makes it possible to anonymously hold malicious actors accountable for their actions when they try to attack the Gini network. Gini's account-based approach is the only way to achieve meaningful stability and safety in a cryptocurrency ecosystem without infringing on any stakeholder's privacy.

The account-based system in Gini is also much easier for end-users to understand than Bitcoin’s UTXO approach.

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