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Where Do the Customer Reviews Come From?

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The customer reviews for each product are aggregated from the Gini Store's own customers and multiple credible sources, including the suppliers and merchants that supply the Gini Store's products.

Of course, every source of reviews is vulnerable to potential bias. So, we have automated review monitoring systems that help us ensure that the Gini Store shopping experience is consistent with the reviews for each product. If we discover that reviews for a given product are generally inconsistent with the experience of our Gini customers, then those products are removed from the Gini Store inventory.

This approach gives Gini Store customers insight into how the entire community of buyers of a given product perceives the product. It also enables us to source products more selectively because we generally do not take risks on products that have a proven history of bad reviews. We believe this achieves a healthy balance that ensures that highest quality products, the most enjoyable shopping experience, and the least impact on the Gini Store's customer support department.

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