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Why is there a Countdown Timer on Some Products?

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This question is related to Gini's Community Buying feature.

The countdown timer on some products is the primary indicator that the product is part of a Gini Community Buying Opportunity ("CBO"). The timer exists for several reasons. For example, the deal may not be available after the time expires because the supplier might not have any more inventory for that product; the deal might be available for a limited time because the supplier is trying to achieve a quarterly sales quota and is willing to offer a larger discount within that time window; many deals are on a perpetual countdown timer because the product supplier will only provide a discount if our customers buy in relatively large quantities; among other possible factors.

Regardless of the technical reasons, the countdown is a more fun and interesting way to shop. It's also a useful philosophical reminder about life: Time is the most precious and irreplaceable asset in human existence, which is why we encourage all Gini stakeholders to Shop with Purpose.

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