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BestSafe Glove Criminal Fraud Alert

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To all our customers & stakeholders:

    BestSafe Criminals

WARNING: Several companies (including Gini) have been the victim of a serious crime perpetrated by

BestSafe Glove Co., Ltd. (also operating at, a Thailand company owned by these liars and criminals: Piyawat Chirasakulkarun (aka, “Mr. Golf”) and Maneewan Raungpisan (aka, “Ms. New”)

If you want to avoid losing USD millions, do not send your money to the criminal BestSafe Glove factory or any of its affiliates, including its parent company, The Piyamanee Group, and their so-called "safety" companies listed on their website.

Piyamanee Group BestSafe Glove Criminal Fraud

Background of the BestSafe Glove Crime

We executed a contract for 25 million boxes of pure nitrile medical gloves with the criminal BestSafe Glove factory in December 2020. We sent the criminal BestSafe Glove factory USD millions in deposits. After verifying numerous inspection documents (SATRA, SGS, etc.), they presented enough documentation to pass due diligence. However, we later found they were secretly using other factories to produce the gloves; so the inspection documents didn’t really reflect what BestSafe was actually selling. Now they claim they have no gloves or money.

Since we executed the contract in December 2020 (over a year ago), the criminal BestSafe Glove factory has not delivered a single glove that meets the specifications of the contract. They sent only one tiny container (13,338 boxes out of 25 million boxes), which contained gloves that were certainly not pure nitrile, which anybody with industry experience can verify with their own eyes and hands. Additionally, a Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIS) test can prove it scientifically. We have asked the criminal BestSafe Glove factory over and over for months, “Where are our gloves? Where is our money?” But they claim they have no gloves or money anymore.

After 6 months of false promises, lies and delays, we hired a law firm in Thailand to represent us, but they said that BestSafe is too well-connected with local police and government authorities and the Thailand court system is severely backlogged due to the pandemic. In other words, we have virtually no chance of recovering our funds through the Thai legal system. Regardless, we have an ethical obligation to alert our stakeholders and the general public about the facts associated with the criminal BestSafe Glove factory so that nobody else becomes a victim.

Need Proof of the BestSafe Glove Crime?

We have literally 100s of pages of documentation and witness testimonies to prove our case, including over 100 pages of emails and correspondence from the criminal BestSafe Glove factory. Thus, this criminal enterprise has no legitimate legal defense. All they can do is make excuses, baseless accusations and pretend like they have a “defamation” case against us. Facts and truth are never “defamation”; so we are not intimidated by their baseless threats.

In fact, we actually told them that we are happy if they file their defamation case because then all the facts about their criminal activities would become public knowledge. After they realized that court cases are typically published and available to the general public, they stopped their frivolous threats.

We are also aware of several other victims. The other victims sent the criminal BestSafe Glove factory USD millions, too, but they never received their shipments. The victims only received excuses, lies, deceptions and broken promises.

If any other victims would like to combine their litigation with ours into a class action lawsuit or if anybody reading this doubts the validity of our case, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to share all the facts. In the meantime, if anybody talks to the criminals at the criminal BestSafe Glove factory, be prepared to hear endless lies and excuses, including the following (Red text is our response to their excuses.):

We were cheated by one of our suppliers so we can’t return your money. (Their “suppliers” are other gloves factories, which they were secretly using to produce the gloves. Whether they were cheated by their secret factories or not doesn’t change the fact that they lied, committed fraud and still haven’t returned our money even after they claimed many times that “we can refund your money any time”.)

The pandemic is causing problems so we can’t deliver your gloves or return your money. (The pandemic doesn’t prevent anybody from sending wire transfers and it certainly doesn’t cause anybody to default on a contract for 6 months and counting. Miraculously, all our other factories have been able to deliver their gloves to us during the pandemic without defaulting on their contracts.)

We’re waiting for our law firm to send you a letter. (Yes, finally, after ignoring our law firm’s previous legal correspondence and telling us that litigation in Thailand will take years and we’re wasting our time and money with our lawsuit. Now they’re finally afraid that the world will learn about their criminal behavior; so maybe they will finally take the pain they are causing their victims seriously.)

We have sent you a proposal for a resolution, but you have ignored it. (This is a lie: We have received no proposals from them since the litigation started. All previous “proposals” allowed them to continue holding our money with no gloves shipped for many more months and they almost completely ignored all the damages and losses they have caused us.)

They will likely fabricate more excuses, but the excuses above are the most common ones that we have heard so far. Have any other victims of the criminal BestSafe Glove factory heard any other excuses that we should add to the list above?

We will update this page as events unfold in this ongoing journey to justice.

10/15/2021: We recently learned that the BestSafe owners have submitted false and misleading information to the Thai Government about one of our managing directors. Their intention is to prevent him from traveling to Thailand and communicating with witnesses, law enforcement authorities, former BestSafe employees and other important stakeholders in Thailand that might help us recover our funds. This is another example of their disgusting criminal intentions.

11/01/2021: We are preparing to take our story and the stories of the other victims to several international news companies. We've already discussed some of the details with one journalist off the record to get her feedback. She said it's a giant story that needs to be told because it will reveal to the world much more about the systemic problems in Thailand. We have given BestSafe multiple warnings about this. If they continue their criminal activities, we will have no choice but to get the media involved.

11/20/2021: Today one of the BestSafe owners told one of our colleagues, "if he go to CNN, we won't care about Genie at all. will be the last that we will refund for a long time". She also said, "I will definitely refund him. We are close to getting approval from the bank." But she is lying again because we know through other intelligence sources that they already received a $10 million bank loan several weeks ago, but they still refuse to return our funds. Then she said, "if negotiate well We will return it as soon as possible." But these are more lies. We have negotiated many settlements over the past 8 months that they have accepted and promised to fulfill, but they have broken their promises every single time. For them, "negotiate" means delay, promise, break promise, delay, promise, break promise . . . forever until their victims are so desperate that they will accept $0.10 (or less) for every $1 that BestSafe has stolen from them. They have no intention of negotiating in good faith. It's all a delay tactic to prevent their victims from recovering their money.

11/22/2021: Today we verified through several intelligence sources something that we have suspected for many months: The BestSafe owners have been taking customer funds, telling the customers they are using the funds to deliver gloves immediately, but then they use the funds to build factories and facilities as if the funds were from investors. This is obviously securities/investment fraud. Companies cannot misrepresent the purpose of customer funds and treat those funds as invested capital. If they had told us they didn't have any way to deliver gloves without using our money to build their factories, we would have never sent them our money! We are aware of at least $20 million that BestSafe has stolen from customers this way, but one source believes it's close to $120 million. And we are aware that other PPE companies in Thailand have been executing similar scams. The Thai Government is going to have a much bigger PR problem if they don't clean up these problems soon.

12/21/2021: We learned this week that the BestSafe criminals are now trying to extort us by forcing us to help them clean up their criminal reputation in the marketplace to earn back the money they already owe us. In other words, they are trying to force us and their other victims to sell millions of boxes of their gloves if we want our money back. We told them to go f%*#k themselves. They are not going to extort us with our own money and then force us to pretend like they are a legitimate factory to all our customers. They illegally used our money and their other customers' money to build their factory. We will never give their factory the legitimacy of our brand.

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