Book Images

The images on this page are in the printed version of GINI: Capitalism, Cryptocurrencies & the Battle for Human Rights. These images are listed in the order in which they are presented in the book. They are provided here as a supplement to the audiobook to make it easier for listeners to visualize the topics. Only chapters that have images are listed.

Chapter 2: The Surveillance State

The following image is related to several sections in which Ferris talked about a "panopticon cage." It's actually a screenshot of an animation in the Gini film.

Chapter 5: Conquering the Tax Monster

Image 1: Land + Property = Real Estate 

Image 2: Land Value PyramidLand-Value-Tax-Pyramid-med

Image 3: Land Value Tax Diagram

Image 4: Adam Smith’s Cannons of Taxation Scorecard

Chapter 6 - Gini: Blockchain with a Soul

Image 1: Destruction of USD Purchasing Power

Image 2: Building a Secure BlockchainGini Blockchain Building

Chapter 7: Crypto Monetary Policy

Image 1: Eanfar's Law of Money-Value Creation

Eanfar's Law of Money-Value Creation

Image 2: Gini's Value Streams System
Gini Value Streams

Image 3: Gini's Value Streams Distribution Summary



Chapter 8: The Gini Technology

Image 1: Bitcoin Techno-Oligarchy