我们应该信任谁? The image above was originally created for another Gini article as an expression of our team's belief that Gini is the only cryptocurrency project today that has any chance of achieving 应该是什么 the three most important goals for every cryptocurrency project: (1) transaction privacy, (2) sustainable and equitable monetary system, and (3) viability in real-world commerce. However, after I created the image, I remembered that "trust" in any currency is a sensitive topic. So, I was reluctant to use it, but rather than running from this topic, I realized this is an opportunity to discuss a significant problem in the cryptocurrency industry today.

每个人造系统都需要一定程度的信任。 This is true for all cryptocurrency projects today and it will be true for as long as human civilization exists. So, the "trust-less cryptocurrency" cheerleaders that naively ignore this reality probably don't have enough technical experience to understand why every human-made system on Earth must 至少开始 和其他人一样 足够信任推动项目向前发展. It's not possible to instantly and magically create a perfectly democratic, fully consensus-based, trust-less blockchain governance system from day one. That's not how any human-made system in the past, present, or future has or ever will be created.

所有系统都有偏见。 在宇宙中任何地方创建的每个系统都容易受到各种形式的有意识和无意识的偏见。其哲学原因超出了本文的预期范围,但足以说创建一个“纯粹,无偏见的系统”是一个不可能的,不合逻辑的目标。然而,有思想,真诚和公正的人类可以有意识地将他们的系统设计为“无偏见”。“无偏见”和“无偏见”系统之间的差异类似于“非盈利”(能够)“和”非营利组织。当你将“un-”添加到“利润”的开头时,结果就是一个“无利可图”的公司,这对社会来说并不是很有用。然而,在“利润”的开头添加“非”会导致“非营利”公司,这通常对社会非常有用。

无偏见与无偏见。 “非营利性”是指公司的基本目的不是为了产生利润,而且所产生的任何利润纯粹是非营利性公司的目的。类似地,“无偏差系统”意味着系统的基本目的不是为了包含任何偏见,并且它可能包含的任何偏差纯粹是系统目的的附带条件。这是一个非常重要的概念,因为这种区分通常是准确评估组织以及这些组织内的人员和系统的意图,行为和绩效的唯一实用方法。当为了公众利益而部署这些系统时,这一点尤为重要。

系统会对我公平对待吗? 当我们询问一个人,一个系统或一个组织是否有意识或无意识的偏见时,我们通常想知道的是,如果我们与该人,系统或组织进行互动,我们将得到多大程度的对待。如果我们认为我们不会得到公平对待,那么我们对个人,系统或组织的信任就会减弱,我们就不太可能使用该系统或与“另一方”的人员和组织合作。了解这种动态也有助于我们更清楚地理解保守党和自由党之间以及今天占主导地位的政党之间的不信任或无意识来源。

党派不信任的根源。 在当今有毒的政治环境中,意识形态墙的任何一方都不能真正相信“另一方”会公平对待它们。这种不信任被媒体大大放大和利用。由于人类容易受到各种情绪和不安全感的影响,当我们经历这种缺乏信任时,我们认为“另一方”过于“偏见”(也称为太偏见)与我们合作。这种对偏见和缺乏信任的看法使政治进程陷入瘫痪,并杀死了真正的两党进步的任何希望。

隐藏的偏见与自觉的分化。 一个系统不可能是所有人的所有事情。事实上,分化在宇宙的每个层面都是必不可少的,包括生物细胞之间的区别;天体之间的区别;原子,分子,动物物种,国家,产品,服务,颜色,光明和黑暗等之间的区别。人类存在受到分化的支配,因为生命和宇宙不能在没有分化的情况下存在。因此,准确地说,“你是有偏见的,因为你觉得人们在灯亮的时候会看得更清楚!”?不,当然不是,因为基于合理的观察,基于光明而不是黑暗是理性选择,大多数活动在黑暗中更难以完成。

透明和合法的分化。 组织可能试图以多种方式隐瞒其偏见,但假装不存在偏见和透明地承认并要求某种差异来增加特定系统的价值,质量,安全性或可行性之间存在巨大差异。任何系统中的区分标准都应该是透明的,并且应该从逻辑上遵循该系统的合法,合理和合法合理的目标。通过这种方式,组织可以合理地更加强调一个因素而不是另一个因素,以实现对社会更有价值的系统的差异水平,而不是没有差异化的系统。

我们拥抱我们的独特性。 While developing Gini's technical and governance systems, guiding philosophical principles, and communications with various stakeholders, the Gini team's explicit and conscious intention is to be nonpartisan and non-biased in every way. However, we are not afraid to consciously and actively differentiate between the economic philosophies guiding Bitcoin (and virtually all other crypto projects today) and Gini's economic philosophy, which we have written 整本书 关于。我们所做的哲学选择并没有反映出任何选择 偏压 在消极意义上;我们的选择只是反映了人道主义和工程原理的结合,这些原则使Gini与当今所有其他加密货币项目区别开来。

处理权力与腐败。 We are acutely aware of Lord Acton's famous quote, "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely," which is why Gini's explicit mission is to protect human rights by protecting our stakeholders' transaction privacy, empowering stakeholders with the technical tools and resources necessary to participate in 可持续和公平 market economies, and gradually migrate the entire Gini Foundation's governance process to the automated 社区治理体系。这意味着基尼项目治理几乎完全自动化,并且可以作为一个真正分散的整个基尼社区投票。 平均主义 核心基尼技术成熟并按预期运作后的组织。

即使是基尼基金会也无法主导基尼生态系统。 Our approach to project governance ensures that even the Gini Foundation will never be able to perpetually dominate the Gini ecosystem. We will always be as transparent as possible at every phase of Gini's evolution. In the beginning, we won't have time and resources to respond to every inquiry from the general public, but we will hire more staff and implement more communication tools and resources over time to be as responsive as possible to the general public.

你应该相信基尼吗? It should be clear from the nonpartisan content of this website, our books, our sustainable monetary policy, our humanitarian economic philosophy, our decades of experience building and delivering world-class payment and banking services, our history of nonprofit payment processing services, our consensus-based technical project governance principles . . . that our team is more trustworthy than the vast majority of crypto projects today. (Of course, we believe we're 最值得信赖的, but we're obviously biased on this point.) If that's not good enough for the "trust-less cryptocurrency" cheerleaders, then they are welcome to ignore Gini. For everybody else, we hope you will 加入我们.

有关Gini信任协议的更多技术探索以及我们如何看待可信系统的概念,请阅读 基尼信托协议.

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