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ESF 회피에 대한 처벌이 있습니까?

현재 위치 :

Yes, when ESF evasion is detected the first time, an additional 0.0055% ESF is automatically deducted each day from the offending account at the time of detection. If detected a second time, an additional 0.0137% ESF is deducted each day. Three or more detections result in an additional 0.0274% ESF deducted each day for each detected evasion. Remember, the ESF only applies to the top-1% of Gini accounts when the Gini Index creeps above 25%. This is not an attack against rich people and it's certainly not too much to expect rich Gini holders to support the stability and sustainability of the Gini ecosystem.

어떤 고래라도이 정책에 불편하다면, 그들은 항상 지니를 팔아 부서지기 쉬운 시장으로 되돌아 갈 수 있으며 다른 모든 피아트 및 암호 시장에 존재하는 파괴적인 변동성으로 되돌아 갈 수 있습니다.

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