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昨年、我々はこれが2018年に起こると予測し、現在はハンマーが落ちている。米国の監督当局は、暗号侵害市場を支配し始めている。経済政策立案の観点から、これは非常に大きなニュースです。 (最初の CFTC顧客保護アドバイザリー.)


Additionally, this reveals an important reality: The USG recognizes that it cannot and/or should not ban cryptocurrencies. Given the USG's increasing budgetary constraints and perpetual congressional gridlock over the USG's debt ceiling, the reality is that regulatory agencies simply do not have the resources to aggressively attack the cryptocurrency markets. Thus, all they can really do is issue Customer Protection Advisories and go after the most egregious scams, as they should.

Another important observation: By giving the CFTC jurisdictional control over cryptocurrencies, the USG is perceiving them (at least for now) as commodities, not securities. That's an important distinction because classification as a commodity requires a much less regulatory oversight than classification as a security. However, this is just the beginning; so, we will likely see a much greater level of scrutiny of Initial Coin Offerings throughout 2018 and beyond; and the SEC may not want to be left out of the regulatory smackdown fun.


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