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Le concept de productivité est probablement le principe le plus précieux cahier de texte economics. It's easy to blindly accept the general principle that la productivité nationale est bonne, which is why politicians and corporations focus citizens on GDP as the primary measure of a nation's prosperity. However, what they almost never to tell you is this: "Productivity" is completely irrelevant to a society if the wealth generated from the productivity is concentrated at the top of the wealth distribution. The chart below shows this is exactly what has happened in the U.S. economy.

pib vs vs real-salaires-salaires

Où va la richesse? If income flowing to the general population has been stagnant for decades, where is all that GDP wealth going? Why isn't the general population participating in the prosperity produced by their own labor? This is the essence of why "productivity" has been the most sinister scam in the field of economics. It completely ignores the distributional affects that labor, trade and tax policies have on l'actuel richesse d'une population. Si une population a effectivement une richesse nette négative parce que plus de 80% de la population se noie dans la dette juste pour exister, alors l'économie ne pas allouer la richesse équitablement ou efficacement; il n'offre pas non plus une qualité de vie élevée aux citoyens.

AI amplifie l'escroquerie de productivité. The concept of "productivity" was already dubious as a benchmark for national prosperity, but in an era of A.I.-dominated economies, "productivity" is an even more sinister scam. Predictably, Productivité améliorée par IA is already being pushed into the workplace by giant A.I. product companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook. This is forcing corporate executives throughout the economy into an A.I. arms race to jump on the bandwagon to avoid losing market share and profits to competitors. Of course, they will never admit that this "productivity" is simply amplifying the grossly inequitable wealth distribution illustrated in the chart above.

Échapper à la productivité Scam & AI Domination. The only way to escape the productivity scam and corresponding A.I. arms race is to opt-out of the fiat currency system, base your economic activities on a currency that is inherently resistant to A.I. domination, and build cooperative economic communities and networks that do not depend on A.I. to deliver your goods and services. The only cryptocurrency that is inherently resistant to A.I. domination is the Gini currency; so, we hope you'll give it a try.

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